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Experience The Healing Power of Mulberry Leaf


A Natural Remedy for Supporting Healthy Blood Glucose Levels

By: Team GreenSilk
Date: January, 2014

Diabetes is no longer a health issue that affects only an unfortunate minority. Instead, it is a societal and global dilemma that we must all confront together.  The Mulberry Leaf offers a natural, safe and proven effective alternative to stabilizing blood glucose levels, lowering cholesterol, assisting in reducing arterial plaque and much more.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence from research conducted at top medical institutions around the world including The University of Minnesota VA Hospital which have proven that the Mulberry Leaf (Morus Alba) is one of the most powerful natural supplements and it can no longer be ignored as a legitimate solution to the prevention and treatment of Type II diabetes and its related diseases.

While utilizing the highest grade Mulberry Leaf Extract as its core ingredient GreenSilk LLC combines synergistic herbs aimed at providing natural support for controlling blood sugar and does not use stearates, binders or fillers in their formulations.  GreenSilk’s commitment is to assist individuals to increase health, vitality, balance, and endurance naturally and offers an excellent natural and effective alternative to stabilizing blood glucose levels. Its formulations are directed at results while assisting to cleanse and strengthen the body as a whole.

The first step to treating Type II diabetes is to believe that this so called incurable condition is curable and reversable.  Diabetes is classically diagnosed as a failure of the body to metabolize carbohydrates properly.  Its defining symptom is a high blood-glucose level.  Type I diabetes results from insufficient insulin production by the pancreas however Type II diabetes results from in-effective use of insulin.  The pancreas generates the insulin however the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces resulting in elevated blood sugar levels.  Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas that enables cells to take in glucose from the blood and use it for energy. Failure to produce insulin, or of insulin to act properly, or both, leads to raised glucose (sugar) levels in the blood clinically defined as hyperglycemia. This is associated with long-term damage to the body and failure of various organs and tissues. Diabetes affects every cell including the pancreases, liver, kidney, heart, blood vessels, eyes, nervous system and can cause damage throughout the body if left untreated.

Diabetes, including all of its complications, is a downstream of symptoms that are a result of improper diet, lifestyle, and environmental toxins interacting with our unique genetic susceptibilities. More than ever before an outlook of proper nutrition is crucial.  An unbalanced diet high in carbohydrates (sugars) is among the first steps that should be changed. A high insulin level as well as a high blood glucose level are the first signs of a problem.  As your insulin levels increase, it leads to an appetite that is out of control, increasing weight gain, inflammation and oxidative stress, and myriad downstream effects including high blood pressure; high cholesterol; low HDL; high triglycerides; thickening of the blood; and increased risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s, and depression.

What assisted the Team at GreenSilk in its approach to blood glucose imbalance is understanding how broad the reasons are for developing diabetes from the fact that it is connected to lifestyle, environment and era. GreenSilk Formula #1 was designed synergistically to address multiple points in the body.  The herbs in this Formula have been combined and cautiously extracted to a Professional High-Quality level to efficiently fill the lacking of nutrients in our time due to the increased intake of sugars, artificial additives and preservatives in our foods.

This unique Formula is directed at supporting healthy blood glucose levels; improving blood circulation; detoxifying and improving liver and kidney function; boosting immunity; weight loss and management; supporting healthy cholesterol levels; assisting digestion and metabolism; improving skin and eyesight; building stronger bones and to support normal nerve function.

Our main ingredient is the amazing Mulberry Leaf.  One of the most unique qualities of the Mulberry Leaf is that it contains a natural compound called 1-deoxynojirimycin (1DNJ) that inhibits carbohydrates, starches, and sucrose absorption in the intestinal track resulting, blood sugar control.  By preventing large amounts of monosaccharide from entering into the blood circulation, Mulberry Leaves helps to address conditions associated with diabetes.

More into the properties of this amazing natural gift, Mulberry Leaves contain GABA (Gamma amino butyric acid), a compound that can lower blood pressure and increase blood circulation while strengthening blood vessel membranes. Mulberry Leaves are a good source of nutrition with its high levels of protein, Vitamin A, C and B families of vitamins, nutrients, minerals and amino acids.  Research shows that Mulberry Leaves are caffeine free, containing 15-28% protein; loaded with essential amino acids; containing 6 times more calcium than green tea; 25 times more calcium than milk and 40 times more than cabbage.  With respect to iron it contains 2.5% more than green tea and 10 times more than spinach.  Mulberry Leaves also have mineral content, antioxidants, and it has no anti-nutritional factors or toxic compounds.

In addition, it has Polyphenol, Isoquercitrin, and Astragalin, the natural bonding connection between the elements creates a powerful natural supplement to aid blood sugar control.

To conclude a fully synergistic natural aiming into supporting healthy blood glucose, GreenSilk after years of research and collaboration with top experts from around the world in the field of alternative medicine, botanic and agriculture created an effective natural remedy by combining symbiotic herbs; Milk Thistle (Silybum) to support the liver function as it contains antioxidants which protect cells from the damage of oxidation and supports their re-growth: Safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius) used as a blood regulator for better circulatory health; Wolfberry (Lycium Barbarum) to support healthy eye function and assist in the flexibility of the arteries; Chicory Root (Cichorium Intybus) which provides the soluble fiber inulin that passes through our stomach and intestines undigested as a prebiotic, a food that feeds growth of probiotic, a health-promoting bacteria in our digestive system; The Nettle (Uritica Dioica) in the formula serves as a natural antihistamine to reduce the impact of allergies, and as a diuretic helps fight urinary tract infections (UTIs) by aiding the body in flushing the bladder of harmful bacteria and toxins. Bamboo which has natural Silica; Silica improves the cardiovascular system: L-Leucine which is shown in research to lower blood sugar levels and normalize insulin release from the pancreas and insulin function in the body.

Based on research and scientific facts, at GreenSilk.com LLC we believe that Mulberry Leaf is a God given gift and a legitimate natural solution to what is already a worldwide epidemic and assist individuals to achieve a healthy well balanced lifestyle.

For additional details on the clinical studies, research, and reports, that have been done on the benefits of the medicinal plants in our GreenSilk Formula #1 please visit the Research section of our website at www.greensilk.com or contact us at www.info@greensilk.com.

NOTE: Prior to using any supplement to assist in the treatment of any condition, please consult a licensed health care provider.

The GreenSilk Team