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5 Reasons to Eat Organic

By: M. Moriah Mor, CHN As we have all come to learn, glyphosate is a herbicide used to kill weeds, especially broadleaf weeds, and grasses competing with crops.  While glyphosate is primarily utilized in agriculture, its marketing strategies has expanded to the consumers home garden, public city areas and forestry. According to research, glyphosate accounts…

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   In the News…    WholeFoods Magazine Healthy Aging / Healthy Blood Glucose / Strong Bones & Healthy Heart Contributor: GreenSilk Vitamin Retailer Magazine Clearing Up CholesterolConfusion Contributor: GreenSilk Vitamin Retailer Magazine: Checking The Numbers Contributor: GreenSilk Industry Experts’ Perspectives: Checking The Numbers, 2011 Experience the Healing Power of Mulberry Leaf – 1 Vitamin Retailer…

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Mulberry Leaf History

Mulberry Leaf History Common Name: Mulberry Leaf, Morus Leaf, White Mulberry Latin Name: Morus Alba Family: Moraceae Chinese Traditional Medicine: Sang Ye Properties: Mulberry Leaf Extract: 1-Deoxynojirimycin (1-DNJ) Research shows Mulberry Leaves is a super food with preventative effects against adult diseases such as high blood sugar, high cholesterol, hypertension and much more. Mulberry Tree History ~ The Tree of Life ~ The…

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