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Mulberry Leaf Health Benefits

The mulberry tree has been revered for years for its flavorful berries and nutritionally powerful leaves. While the berries are tasty and high in many nutrients, the leaves also have their own health benefits.

What is mulberry leaf and why did we choose it as the primary ingredient for our GreenSilk Formula #1?

What is Mulberry Leaf?

The mulberry tree is native to Asia but is now found in many different countries across the world. Mulberry leaf has been used for centuries for its healing properties, culinary benefits, and incredible nutrition content.

Traditionally, it was used to make tea or cooked and added to food. Mulberry leaves are caffeine and tannin free. It is now commonly found in dietary supplements.

The nutrition in mulberry leaf is responsible for its health benefits. In addition to the nutrients discussed above, the leaves also contain:

  • Vitamin A: essential vitamin for vision and immunity
  • Vitamin B1: for healthy skin, muscles, immunity, and the nervous system
  • Vitamin B2: for digestive and muscular function
  • Vitamin B6: essential for nerve function and protein metabolism
  • Vitamin C: powerful antioxidant with many critical functions in the body
  • Amino acids: building blocks of protein
  • Calcium: for strong bones and teeth
  • Potassium: helps regulate blood pressure and nerve signaling
  • Magnesium: plays over 300 roles in the body
  • Iron: required for oxygen transport
  • Zinc: essential for immunity and skin health
  • Phosphorus: required for bone health, helps body use carbohydrates and fats
  • Polyphenols: anti-aging antioxidants that reduce the risk of many chronic diseases
  • GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid): neurotransmitter that helps manage anxiety and stress and maintain healthy blood pressure levels
  • 1-DNJ (1-Deoxinorjirimiycin): supports healthy blood sugar
  • Phytosterol: helps maintain normal cholesterol levels
  • Quercetin: antioxidant that supports immunity and liver health
  • Flavonoids: helps fight damage by free radicals
  • Carotenoids: supports eye health and reduces the risk of cancer
  • Chlorophyll: supports the heart, intestines, and cleanses the liver

The leaves contain six times more calcium than green tea, 25 times more than milk and 40 times more than cabbage. With respect to iron, it contains 2.5 times more than green tea and 10 times more than spinach.

One of the most amazing characteristics that can only be found in the mulberry leaf is an ingredient known as moranoline (1-Deoxynojirimycin / 1-DNJ). This incredible compound inhibits an enzyme in the intestinal tract involved in the digestion of carbohydrates.

Moranoline or 1-DNJ holds back complex carbohydrates, starches, maltose and sucrose from breaking down into glucose. In essence, it actually prevents sugar from entering into the bloodstream. This is what makes it incredibly powerful for blood sugar.

In addition to being rich in important nutrients, mulberry leaf may help reduce inflammation.

Mulberry Leaf Health Benefits

Overwhelming scientific evidence from research conducted at top medical institutions, prove that the mulberry leaf is one of the most powerful natural herbal supplements. The evidence is so powerful it can no longer be ignored as a potent solution to many health issues.

The strongest research around mulberry leaf is related to its ability to reduce inflammation, as it is rich in many anti-inflammatory compounds. This may in turn help improve blood sugar and reduce cardiovascular risk factors. These incredible compounds found in mulberry leaf makes it an essential ingredient for helping lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

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Mulberry Leaf and Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a debilitating illness that impacts over 10% of the population. The powerful ingredient in mulberry leaf is called DNJ, which as we mentioned, prevents the absorption of carbohydrates in your gut. When carbohydrates are not absorbed, this reduces blood sugar and insulin.

A 2017 study evaluated the use of mulberry on the blood sugar control of people with type 2 diabetes. Subjects were given a 1000 mg extract three times a day with meals or a placebo. Those who received the mulberry leaf had significantly lower post-meal blood sugar levels. After three months, subjects who took the mulberry leaf, also had a lower HgbA1C, which measures average blood sugar.

Another 2017 study gave subjects a concentrated starch followed by a mulberry leaf supplement. Normally, a high dose of starch would skyrocket blood sugar. But those who were given a mulberry leaf had significantly lower blood sugar and insulin levels, when compared to a placebo.

The ability of mulberry leaf to reduce inflammation and normalize blood sugar may help reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, a critical benefit for public health.

Mulberry Leaf and Heart Health

Scientists have pinpointed several biologically active compounds in mulberry leaf that are effective in suppressing the progression of atherosclerosis, the buildup of plaque in our arteries. It does this by inhibiting the oxidation of LDL-cholesterol, a major factor in the development of atherosclerotic plaque.

Mulberry leaf may also help reduce blood pressure and inflammation, two other contributors to heart disease.

A 2011 study of people with high cholesterol gave subjects 280 mg of mulberry leaf three times a day. After 12 weeks, HDL cholesterol increased by 19.7% and LDL cholesterol decreased by 5.6%. Another study found similar results with cholesterol levels and reported significant improvements in triglycerides as well.

This health benefit is the most significant in supporting a healthy heart, one of the leading health conditions in the world, falling under the umbrella of diabetes related conditions.

Some of the additional effects are:

  • Contributes to weight management
  • Supports normal function of the liver and kidney
  • Suppresses mutagenesis of carcinogens
  • Strengthens bone mass
  • Improves skin
  • Supports healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Enriches the blood with nutrients
  • Soothes nerves
  • Helpful in treating constipation

Researchers continue to learn more about the benefits of mulberry leaf for health and well-being.

If you are interested in trying mulberry leaf for your health, our GreenSilk Formula #1 contains a 3% extract along with other powerful ingredients. Our goal is to provide a high-quality mulberry supplement to help you enjoy long lasting natural health and well-being.