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Here is our comprehensive guide to all matters related to Diet. Diet plays a huge role in managing your diabetes, high cholesterol, and weight loss. Read through this guide and you will have all the information to improve your diet and weight loss. You can look through Silky’s care center for articles and research related to diet. We will be adding regular articles to help you improve your diet and overall health.

Is Your Meal Made of Organic Sourced Foods For Energetic Nutrient Density

ARTICLE IN A NUTSHELL 1. If it is not labeled “Organic,” chances are you’re eating foods sprayed with pesticides. Research shows pesticides contribute to adverse health events including neurological, carcinogenic, respiratory, and reproductive disorders as well as cancer, Alzheimer, and Parkinson’s. Additionally, pesticide consumption has...
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Is Your Meal Free of Known Delayed Food Allergens?

Published: Energetic Health Institute ARTICLE IN A NUTSHELL Healthy for one does not mean healthy for all. What you eat may actually be causing your chronic health conditions – even foods that have been labeled healthy could be causing you harm. Learn how Delayed Food...
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Top 3 Nutrients Happy People Take Daily

Top 3 Nutrients Happy People Take Daily M. Moriah Mor, CHN Published Energetic Health Institute ARTICLE IN A NUTSHELL Research supports the link between fiber, the gut microbiome, and mental health. Chlorella contains one of the richest nutritional profiles on the planet, supporting healthy moods,...
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The Immune Benefits of 𝜷eta-Glucans

In today’s world some of us may have heard about the health benefits of Beta Glucans (𝜷-Glucans) however, many have never really taken into consideration how potent this polysaccharide is for improving and protecting the body from many chronic health conditions including diabetes, leaky...
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