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What Can It Do

What Can It Do

Recognizing the benefits of Mulberry Leaf (Morus Alba), GreenSilk LLC  has created a formula to optimize its benefits for you.  After years of research and development with top experts from around the world in the field of alternative medicine, science, botanic and agriculture GreenSilk Formula #1 supports and promotes healthy blood sugar levels and offers a great health benefit as a daily supplement:

  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  • Reduce absorption of sugars and other carbohydrates
  • Promote healthy insulin sensitivity & production
  • Promotes cleansing and strengthening of Liver & Kidney 
  • Liver & Kidney detox
  • Support normal blood lipid levels / Lower Cholesterol
  • Promote heart, blood vessel and circulatory health
  • Contribute to weight management
  • Support healthy nerve function / Improve Skin & Eyesight
  • Build Stronger Bones

GreenSilk Formula #1 is Formulated to Support the Essentials of Blood Sugar Control

  1. Reduce glucose absorption in the intestines
  2. Reduce glucose production in the liver
  3. Increase glucose uptake in the cells (improve insulin sensitivity)

GreenSilk Formula #1 Assists to Reduce Absorption of Sugars & Other Carbohydrates

Ingesting sugar and carbohydrates elevates your glucose.  The key enzyme at the end of the digestion process is called alpha glycosidase, and its job is to release glucose from the more complicated carbohydrates.  GreenSilk Formula #1 assists with this carbohydrate breakdown to gently pass through the intestine and are eventually excreted from the body.

GreenSilk Formula #1 Supports Healthy Liver Function

One of the functions of the liver is to make glucose known as glycogen.  This glucose is used for high energy activities and body fat for low energy activities.  During the day, when food refuels, the body burns mainly glucose.  During sleep it burns primarily fat.  There are hormones and enzymes in the body that tell the liver when to produce glucose, but if the liver can’t properly read these signals – due to aging or poor health – excess glucose builds up in the bloodstream.  GreenSilk Formula 1 helps to support a healthier liver function.

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GreenSilk Formula #1 Health Benefits